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Cash Card Hub is about cash apps and credit cards. We provide easy to understand information on how to use the various cash apps and credit cards to your advantage. We try and publish every day helpful guides and news that will help you navigate the mostly complicated world of credit cards and cash apps.

If you’re looking to get a new card, try that new cash app everybody is talking about or just want to educate yourself about the platforms and how to move your money, our library of hundreds of articles and detailed guides will help you and get you where you want to go. Our staff which holds vast experience in the finance and credit card fields is here to help.

Editorial Team

Steven Tompkins Editor in Chief

Steven Tompkins is a journalist with years of experience covering financial news and creating value articles and guide on various online magazines, currently acts as the Editor in Chief of Cash Card Hub. Before joining the site, Steven wrote for sites like Yahoo, and a few other high quality magazines in their finance section. As the Editor in Chief of Cash Card Hub, Steven is responsible to direct and lead the direction of the site working closely with the team and making sure all the guides created are accurate and provides value for the readers.





Angelica Ricardo Senior Writer

Angelica has close to 10 years of experience in the finance field with being a debt consultant before turning her passion into a writing career. Angelica has an expertize helping people who got into financial debt and credit card debt and she helped many people get out of it and thrive. As Senior Writer on Cash Card Hub she mostly writes about credit card and how to use them wisely. You can still find her work online on various publications and see the huge value she provides.






Editorial Guidelines

At Cash Card Hub we take the information we provide very seriously, our team upholds the highest standards when creating the content for our readers making sure it is up to date, accurate and provides the value they need. The entire team also upholds the content policy of Alony Media.

Fact Checking

Our team of writers and editors will fact check every piece of content published on the site to make sure it’s accurate. We use various sources to verify info from experts in the field to our own in house research to make sure there are no mistakes. If you would happen to find an error or a correction needed on one of our articles, please make sure to contact us about it.

Corrections policy

If we do happen to find an error on our content, we will correct it as soon as possible while also providing a note about the correction either at the top of the article in question, or as a frame inside the article next to the part of the article that was changed. We try and be as transparent as possible about this process.

Products mentioned in our articles

All products and services mentioned in our articles were actually tested and reviewed by our team, we do not have any affiliation with any of the apps or services we review on the site, and the information provided is made with good faith that the services are good ( or not ) based on the individual writer who reviewed them at that time.

Content quality

Cash Card Hub aims to become the #1 source for information about cash apps and credit cards and by doing so we hold ourselves to the highest values of content that is original, and valuable. Our content will not infringe the copyrights of any other source, and will be 100% original created by our team alone. We expect all the contributors that may work on the site from time to time to also uphold this content policy and act on it.

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