Activate Netspend Card Without SSN. Netspend Activation Guide

You might be thinking whether it is possible to activate the Netspend card without SSN or not. Netspend has become one of the most popular companies that offer prepaid debit cards.

There are many pros of using Netspend such as no credit check, faster transaction completion, cashback, and more. There are numerous types of cards Netspend offers. And, all of these cards need to be activated before you can use them.

activate netspend card without ssn

But to activate the Netspend card, you have to provide many information like your Social Security Number or SSN to Netspend. And, you might not be comfortable sharing that personal information with them. As a result, we have come up with this article to show you whether you can activate Netspend cards without SSN or not. And, even if you could, how to do that.

Frankly, there is no legal way to activate Netspend cards without your SSN number. Because as per Netspend’s privacy policy, you are inclined to provide a valid government-issued identification number for activating the card.

But lucky for you, we have some tricks to activate your Netspend card without the SSN. And, we are going to share that with you as well in this post. Are you curious to know the method?

Then, let’s get started…

How to Activate Netspend Card Without SSN Legally?

Before we can share the trick to activate your Netspend card without SSN, we should let you know how to activate the card legally. That way, you can try to activate it legally first, and then if you are unable to that, you can follow the tricks. So, here we go…

Method #1 Activate Netspend Card Online

On the official website of Netspend, you will find a link named ‘Activate a Card’. And, using that link, you will be able to activate your card with ease. Plus, you will receive particular instructions with the card to activate and verify your card when it arrives. You can follow those instructions as well. Nonetheless, let’s learn how to activate the Netspend card in a step by step manner.

activate netspend card without ssn

Steps to Follow

  • Visits this link: from your mobile or PC browser
  • On the next page, you will have to enter the card number and the security code/CVC of your card. The security code will be found at the back of your card
  • And, click on the ‘Continue’ button
  • Next, you have to log in to your Netspend account using your username and password associated with the account
  • Now, you will have to verify your identity. In this step, you will have to answer some identity verification questions like your area of residence, or zip code, date of birth, your Social Security Number, or any valid government issued-id number
  • So, enter the required information correctly
  • And, you have to create a new 4 digit PIN for your card

This way, you will be able to activate your Netspend card online. Interestingly, if you don’t have the SSN number or don’t want to share it, you can also try to give your Alien Registration Number instead. This is one way to activate your Netspend card without SSN.

Method #2 Activate Netspend Card over the Phone

If you could not activate your card following the above method, here is another option for you. In this way, we will tell you how you can activate your Netspend card by calling Netspend customer care service. So, let’s go…

  • Simply dial 1-866-387-7363 from your phone and select ‘Activate New Card’ option from the menu or ask the representative to activate your card
  • Next, you will have to provide your card number and the security number of your card
  • Then you will have to talk with a customer service staff of Netspend. They will ask you for some information regarding your Netspend account like your birth date, your SSN, the name of your city, etc. This is done to verify your identity
  • So please provide all the information correctly. And your card will be activated upon verification of your identity

Remember that this number is not available 24/7. Rather, you can call this number during this time period: Monday to Friday 8 AM–6 PM Central, and Saturday & Sunday 8 AM-5 PM Central.

So, you can see that even if you call their customer care center, you will have to provide your Social Security Number. Still, if you want to avoid giving away your social security number, you can follow the tricks in the next section.

How to Activate Netspend Card without SSN?

Before we share this trick, we should tell you that we don’t recommend this method. And, we advise you to activate your Netspend card legally by providing your SSN. Also, this method might not work for all of you all the time. This is not a surefire way to activate your Netspend card without SSN. But reportedly, this trick has worked for a lot of users in the past. So, giving it a try should not be an issue. So, let’s learn the trick…

  • Typically, you will go to activate your card, as usual, using the ‘Activate a Card’ link on their official website
  • Then enter the card number and the security number/CVC of your card accurately
  • Next, when you are being asked to input the SSN number, you should put all 1’s or all 0’s in the SSN field
  • Also, when prompted to enter your birth date, enter a birth date that is under 18 at the time of providing the information

That’s all! If you are lucky, then your Netspend card should be activated without providing an SSN or Social Security Number. But then again, if you are not successful in this way, you should try the legal methods mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Here, we have provided a number of methods of activating your Netspend card. Along with that, we have also shared a trick to activate the Netspend card without SSN. You can try all these methods above in order to activate the card.

However, in our opinion, you should activate the card legally by providing valid information where necessary. That means you should provide a valid government issues-id number in this case. That way it is better for everybody’s security.

And, if you have any further inquiries about Netspend debit cards, you can leave your comments down below!