How to Reset My Cash App PIN?

Cash App is one of the best things to happen in the past year. It has become so comfortable with this mobile wallet payment facilitator that you may not need anything else while stepping out to do a bit of shopping. Any payment mechanism of this kind will require you to set a PIN and use it to authorize every transaction. Most people forget the PIN, and unless it is reset, the next transaction won’t be feasible using the Cash App. It’s quite easy to change your PIN by spending just a few minutes.

Using the Cash App is simple if you are familiar with its various features and capabilities. Here’s a recap of what you can do with the Cash App before detailing the ways of changing the PIN.

How to Reset My Cash App PIN

More about the Cash App

Cash App can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store and installed on your smartphone. You link the app to one of your bank accounts, and you are as good as ready to go. The app lets you transfer money from your bank account to itself and use the funds to make payments to anyone at any time directly from within the app. You need to have the other person’s mobile number or email, and the person must be able to acknowledge your payment after receiving it.

The vital part of the Cash App is the card you get to use while making payments. The card is not different from the debit card you use while making payments out of your standard bank account. The latest technology, like Near Field Communication (NFC), allows you to use your mobile phone to transfer funds at a retail shop or a ticket counter. The shop or the merchant has a machine that identifies the Cash App on your mobile, and when you input the PIN, the transaction can be completed.

Using a Cash App Card, too, involves a similar action of swiping over the POS machine while making payments at physical outlets. You can use the Cash App Card for making online payments too. The PIN may have to be used every time.

What if You Forget the PIN?

At times, you may forget the Cash App Card PIN, and that will mean you cannot use the card to make payments (your Cash Card and Cash App PIN are the same). The simple way to reset your Cash App Card PIN is to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Cash App on your mobile.
  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Within the profile menu, tap on the option privacy.
  • Next select change Cash PIN.
  • In case you had forgotten your PIN, you must tap on ‘Forgot Cash PIN.’
  • To get a new Cash PIN, you will be sent a verification code.
  • Once you enter the verification code, you will be asked to set the new PIN.
  • iPhone users are allowed to reset the PIN using a touch ID, as well.
  • You are required to enter the new PIN twice to complete this task.

With your Cash App Card PIN restored, you will now be able to enjoy your Cash App without any hassles and make transfers and pay for several products and services as you please. There’s everything to gain by using the Cash App.